Our neighbourhoods are not islands. On the contrary: they are new meeting locations in the city, places where people come to relax.

Triple Living is a family-owned company with years of experience in the construction and development of a wide variety of projects. That makes us first and foremost a humane company, where everyone knows each other and open dialogue is central: with our customers and partners, but also with governments, municipal authorities and local residents. We develop projects that add value for everyone.

In less than a decade, Triple Living grew to become a valued partner in urban development working with architects who created international furor.


An expert in office construction. A developer of residential real estate. Both of them share the same dream: to build sustainable, green urban neighbourhoods where people live, work, socialise and live. When, in 2010, the question of developing the old railroad site next to Antwerp South came up, the two partners joined forces. Skyline Europe and Group Minerva co-found Triple Living.

The rest is history. The former railroad sites have since been transformed into the thriving new urban district of Nieuw Zuid. The Slachthuissite is a second Antwerp urban development of note, and in Wilrijk, construction is in full swing on a low-energy neighbourhood in the park. A whole new neighbourhood is under construction in Rotterdam, and the Duinenwater residential development in Knokke sold out in no time.


Triple Living is a family business. Or better: a merger of two family businesses. The Cavens and Paeleman families are still at the helm, but the crew has grown to an enthusiastic team of more than a hundred committed employees. Yet the informal structure, open consultation culture and collegiality have always remained. More than that, they make Triple Living the human enterprise it is today.

Because we are a family business, we maintain our independence and therefore the space and freedom to consciously choose projects that fit in with our beliefs and values. The short decision lines and horizontal structure make us agile and decisive as a company and enable us not only to anticipate but also to react quickly to external circumstances such as the unforeseen pandemic that broke out in early 2020.

We build with the client, the neighbourhood, the society.


For the execution and development of our projects, in addition to our own people, we can count on a network of reliable partners (contractors, architects, suppliers...) with whom we have built long-term and respectful collaborations. We can count on more than forty years of experience and expertise in various fields to complete each project efficiently and to the highest standards.


As real estate developer, we oversee the construction, development and delivery of our projects. We always do this in consultation with city and town councils and the partners we work with.

Our project leaders-engineers oversee the construction work. They are also in close contact with external architects and monitor the entire process, from design to completion.

We have our own sales team looking for residents and professional clients for our projects.

Our customer support service provides personalised follow-up at every stage of the process. They are in close contact with the project leaders to communicate quickly about the work.

Our rental and management service Triple Living Renting offers investors the opportunity to outsource rental and maintenance of their property to a team with more than 25 years of proven experience.

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