Three times life. Triple Living.
Three pillars that form the essence of our operation. Because we build vibrant neighbourhoods with a beating heart. Where "we" feel good. With thoughtful architecture, a strong identity and a distinctly green character. Neighbourhoods where it is good to live, and life is good.

The people


Ask a person where he lives and he will spontaneously tell about his neighbourhood or town. A house is just a house. It is the people, the street and the neighbourhood that make it a home. And we build people-sized neighbourhoods, with housing and stores, restaurants, cafes and parks. A neighbourhood has to be alive. That is why we believe in the power of dynamic and welcoming neighbourhoods with a strong sense of community and a strong connection to the city.

The environment

Life quality.

A home is more than four walls. A home is about the view, living happiness, the neighbourhood. That is why we are making work of neighbourhoods where the quality of life is great, with greenery where possible, climate-saving measures and a low-traffic layout. As a developer, we also take our responsibility in relation to the environment, society and planet extremely seriously. Every day we seek solutions for how things can be even greener, different and better.

The future


We don't build for a moment in time. And we are not done when the project is finished. We believe in the building to last and in neighbourhoods that prepare a city for a future that benefits everyone. We also believe that our neighbourhoods should make a valuable contribution to a city's appearance. That's why we look beyond, think long term and commit to quality and thoughtful architecture.

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