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Three times life. Triple Living.
Three pillars that form the essence of our operation. Because we build vibrant neighbourhoods with a beating heart. Where "we" feel good. With thoughtful architecture, a strong identity and a distinctly green character. Neighbourhoods where it is good to live, and life is good.

Neighbourhood is not a place. It’s a state of mind.

from dialogue.

Triple Living is a family-owned company with years of experience in the construction and development of a wide variety of projects. That makes us first and foremost a humane company, where everyone knows each other and open dialogue is central: with our customers and partners, but also with governments, municipal authorities and local residents. We develop projects that add value for everyone.

Our neighbourhoods

The humane city.

We build projects that are alive, neighbourhoods that breathe. With expertise and a drive to lead urban development into the future, we create new places where it is good to live, work and relax. Thoughtful architecture, innovative techniques and a quality landscape environment make our cities livable and our neighbourhoods ready for tomorrow.

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