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The Slachthuissite is a household name in Antwerp and the surrounding area. The southeastern stretch of Damwijk used to be the epicenter of Antwerp's slaughterhouse industry and everything related to meat processing and its consumption. Meanwhile, the slaughterhouses, fat smelters and wholesalers have left the area. But the enormous potential of the vast land between the Lobroekdok and Park Spoor Noord has always remained.



The Slachthuissite is the latest major urban development project in Antwerp, in which Triple Living, in collaboration with Immobel and AG Vespa, is redeveloping the old slaughterhouses into a vibrant and green neighbourhood that will give a boost to the entire Damwijk on Antwerp North. The development of the Slachthuissite is part of a larger master plan, of which Lobroekkade is also part and will be developed at a later stage.

Green neighbourhood
full of life

The City of Antwerp issued a masterplan to reallocate the sites and thus also revitalise the entire Damwijk. In consultation with the city, Triple Living wants to turn it into a lively and livable area, with respect for the history of the Abattoir and the soul of the Dam. A vibrant new residential neighbourhood has sprung up here with a large central park and a mixture of living, working, shopping and relaxing. AP Hogeschool is building a mega high-tech campus here, colouring the innovative, hip character of the neighbourhood. Thanks to its many plazas, play areas and distinctly green character, this will also be a place where people can breathe and relax.

A magnet for students and entrepreneurs, local shops, new places to eat and creative initiatives.

Accessible, welcoming
neighbourhood for everyone

The Slachthuissite is a good place for everyone, thanks to the wide variety of housing types: apartments with one to three bedrooms, as well as duplex penthouses, or homes that are ideal for families. And all this at a central, accessible location in Antwerp, in green and inspiring surroundings. The neighbourhood will be divided into cosy, smaller residential areas, where a third will be reserved for green space and traffic will be kept to a minimum.

Architecture and sustainability

Attention to quality of life and an eye for beauty go hand in hand here. Big names guarantee exceptional architecture and living quality. This is also where building is done with an eye to the future. A heat grid will provide a responsible energy supply, shared cars, charging stations and extra-large bike racks herald a new mobility. Rainwater is recovered as much as possible, or returned to the soil via wadis.

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