Inspiring living,
in the middle of life.

Midden is a new residential neighbourhood with park and several residential areas, in which greenery and sustainability play the main role. Thanks to the varied architecture, the site hooks into the variegated villagescape and the residential areas immediately gain a certain liveliness. Midden is a green, vibrant residential neighbourhood for all generations, offering amenities such as a supermarket, nurseries, municipal services and the new police station.



For Midden, we redeveloped a former industrial site that was completely paved into a highly sustainable and green new neighbourhood. The residential site is located in the middle of Boechout's cosy village centre just a stone’s throw away from public transport, shops and amenities. All houses and apartments are also BEN-built (Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard) and meet the most stringent energy standards.

All Nearly Zero Energy

Midden is a future-proof neighbourhood, built with climate-saving techniques. All houses and apartments in Midden have an energy level of E20, which meets the most stringent BEN (Nearly Zero Energy Building) standards and also provides buyers with a tax benefit. All houses and apartments are also equipped with various ecological techniques, including solar panels, underfloor heating, heat pumps, cisterns and green roofs.

This is a quiet place to come home to, yet central and accessible, in the lively village centre of Boechout.

Wide variety of
housing types

Midden aims to mirror contemporary village life and therefore offers a wide variety of housing types: a luxury segment consisting of spacious park and villa apartments, a comfort niche with contemporary apartments located more in the heart of the residential site. And finally, also a beautiful and very diverse range of high quality and aesthetic family homes with gardens. For a complete experience of the landscape environment, all residential units feature generous outdoor spaces.

Architecture and
park landscape

Several architects collaborated on Midden, resulting in a variegated picture of contemporary designs. The (park) apartments and houses are all anchored in the environment and link technical know-how with aesthetics and sustainability. The architects create life and experience, moulding an exceptional living experience, which is enhanced thanks to the newly landscaped park that branches out with green offshoots throughout the site.

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