The greenest part
of the coast .

Duinenwater Knokke is an exceptionally green residential site, conceived as a lively village where the holiday feeling is never far away. The construction envisions low-traffic streets, walkways, parking, bicycle parking and all infrastructure. The area development offers a very wide range of housing types with spacious terraces on which to enjoy the surroundings. Its location within walking distance of the centre of Knokke is an absolute AAA location.



Duinenwater is an area development next to the lively centre of Knokke, with the recreational Duinenwatermeer as its central focal point. The outline of the masterplan consists of a large-scale residential expansion, while maintaining the rural character of the sites. At the same time, the site provides valuable additional public and recreational space, as well as numerous sports facilities, restaurants, stores and amenities.

coastal architecture

All the buildings on the site were designed by the same firm, and yet Duinenwater gives the appearance of a dynamic village in all its versatility. This diverse yet harmonious appearance is entirely due to Arcas, which gave each building a unique design, using as a constant the typical accents peculiar to Knokke's coastal architecture: white-painted facades, red-tiled roofs, bay windows, wood accents ... Contemporary architecture with a hint of nostalgia.

Welkom in een van de laatste echt groene ontwikkelingen aan de Belgische Kust.

A world unto itself

Its location on the sailing lake, polder forest and new golf course is unique on the built-up Belgian coast. Here residents can enjoy their (holiday) home, in the heart of exclusive Knokke and yet also in the middle of nature and tranquility. Numerous sports facilities, shops and restaurants provide a relaxing holiday atmosphere. At Duinenwater, truly everything is at your fingertips, without having to leave the property to do so.

Green as a common thread

Duinenwater is one of the last truly natural developments on the coast, more inland and away from the busy seafront and boulevards. Greenery is the common thread on the site, from carefully landscaped avenues to community park gardens, courtyards and flower beds. The central Duinenwatermeer is lined with hiking and biking trails and is within walking distance of all homes.

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