Quiet and central
living at the park.

Tuinen van Eden is a green residential neighbourhood that extends into Park Van Eden. At the same time, it is only a few minutes' walk to shops, restaurants and the supermarket. The BEN (Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard) neighbourhood features high-end contemporary architecture and targets a diverse audience that wants to combine the advantages of the city - Antwerp is a 10-minute bike ride away - with the tranquility of a landscape setting.


Tuinen Van Eden

Next to a vast landscape park, in the lively village centre of Wilrijk, we are building a new neighbourhood with nature as the guiding principle. Because the landscape design of both the park and the residential site was drawn by the same firm, it appears as if the residential area and the park are one and the same. Nature was also used as a guide in the residential signature architecture.

Unique architecture
inspired by nature

For the architecture of Tuin van Eden, Swedish Johannes Norlander and the Antwerp-based firm hama architects were called in; established names who know how to reconcile form, beauty and functionality in a pared-down architecture. Their minimalist designs are powerful in their simplicity, working with understated, natural materials that blend harmoniously into the landscape. By playing with subtle variations in lines, volumes and colour tones, they manage to give the apartments and houses their own identity while making a coherent contemporary urban statement.

Living among flowers, plants, trees, and wadis that transform into ponds when it rains.

Living in the park

Tuinen van Eden is adjacent to Park Van Eden: a vast landscape and experience park with lots of relief, hiking trails, water buffers, natural play areas and an overwhelming floral display. Part of the park is protected nature reserve, managed by Natuurpunt. Fris in het Landschap drew the landscape design of both the residential site and the park, resulting in one organic green space where residential and park areas blend together seamlessly.

Largest Borehole Thermal
Energy Storage field in Flanders

The energy issue can no longer be separated from urban development. At Tuinen van Eden, we are meeting the climate challenge by investing in a comprehensive BEO (Borehole Thermal Energy Storage) field for which 115 wells will be drilled to a depth of 150 metres. That geothermal heat grid fits into the site's BEN (Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard) story and helps push the E-level below the imposed standard to below E30 and sometimes even E20. Other climate-proof interventions include the construction of solar panels, sufficient connections for electric cars, additional bicycle parking ...

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